My name is Emily Hatch and welcome to my blog.

A little bit about myself: I am a sophomore at Brigham Young University-Idaho, where I am studying Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and a cluster in Visual Communications. Originally from sunny California, I’ve been in Rexburg, Idaho for the last few years, and plan to be here for a few more!

This blog serves as a portfolio for the work I’ve done in these past few years of college. From writing to photography, I’ve continued to develop and refine my work.

Most of my writing examples can be found under the writing tab. These examples come from projects I’ve done for my Journalism and Mass Media classes, in addition to work done as a Copywriter for the Advertising Agency here on campus.

As for Visual Communication, it shows the projects I’ve completed with the Adobe Programs, specifically Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The information at the bottom of each post goes into detail of how the project was constructed, what tools were used, and what information was learned.

The Digital Imaging section showcases the work I’ve done as a photographer. Similar to the Visual Communication section, each post describes what the project was, how it was planned, and what tools were used in either Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

With the blog, it contains posts for individuals who are interested in learning photography and how to use their DSLR cameras. Originally created for a Journalism class, I’ve continued the blog as a passion project.

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