FINALproj5-page-001Description: Logo for a cleaning company

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I created this image with Adobe Illustrator. After coming up with three different designs, I took a vote on the best design and created three versions of it. The first version is in an analogous color scheme, the second is a black and white scale, and the third is a white and grey logo against a colored background. I decided to stay with the same color scheme and typefaces with this logo. The only adjustments I made to this logo is increasing the type size and increasing the size of the shine’s shape.

Message: To get the message out to the public about a new cleaning company.

Audience: Anyone looking to hire a cleaning company.

Top Thing Learned: Learning to use the pen tool and change the the anchor points on the shapes.

Color Scheme and Color Names: I used an analogous color scheme with the colors blue, indigo, and violet.

Title / Body Font Names & Categories: The words ‘shining’ and ‘company’ are in the font Domine, which is a slab serif. The word ‘cleaning’ is in the Lobster 2 font, which is decorative.


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