Matching Stationary and Business Cards



Business Card (8.5 by 11 layout):


Business Card (Large Layout):


Description: Matching letterhead and business card with logos

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I created the fish logo with simple shapes in Adobe Illustrator. I used the ellipse and triangle tool as well as the pen tool with a small stroke for the fin and tail details. Once I finished my logo, I placed it Adobe InDesign. With Adobe InDesign, I created two pages. The first page was for the letterhead.I placed the logo at the top left corner of the page and kept the contact information aligned in the top right corner. At the bottom of the page, I used the pen tool to create a small wave to add some color and create a blue and orange complementary color scheme. The second page in InDesign was for the business cards. I used the rectangle tool to create the two business cards at 3.5 inches by 2. I copied the wave from the letterhead and used it in the business card to create unity. The information is in a bigger font, especially the key information of the name of the company and manager.

Message: The business is one that helps children learn how to swim. The fish logo’s purpose is to make the message more appealing and fun.

Audience: Young adults who are looking for a teacher to teach their children how to swim.

Top Thing Learned: How to create unity between the letterhead and business cards, how it brands the company.

Color scheme and color names: Blue and Orange- Complementary

Title Font Name & Category: Gloria Hallelujah- Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category: Robato Condensed- Sans Serif



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