Poster Advertisement- Perfume

Description: A poster advertising a product.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): For this project, we had to choose an advertisement and mimic the style of the ad while advertising a different product. The first step was to pick an advertisement that I wanted to mimic. I chose this Valspar ad:

I decided to create a perfume poster in this style. For this project, I used Photoshop. There, I created the drips coming down from the flowers, desaturated the top of the flowers, and colored the inside of a perfume bottle to match the color of the flowers. I decided to keep the color scheme monochromatic and the type sans serif, just as the Valspar advertisement.

Message: With this project, I am advertising a perfume in a simple, sophisticated manner. I’m also showing my ability to recreate advertisements through my skill with Adobe programs.

Audience: Those in the market for perfume, specifically women ages 25-50

Top Thing Learned: How to seamlessly blend two objects together (the drips and flowers).

Thumbnails of Images Used:



Sources of Images Used (Links to Images):


Perfume Bottle-


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