Media Observations-Cupcakes and Sequels

Social Media channels are a great, cost-effective way to promote a business or product, especially for new businesses needing to spread brand awareness.

When I was younger, there was a cupcake shop down the road from my house that opened. For their first few months, they struggled to find customers. Their parking lots were empty, making people question whether the business was open or not.

Then the cupcake shop turned to Facebook. Each afternoon, the shop would post something new on their page. Depending on the day, if you followed the instructions, you would get a free cupcake. They would alternate between asking followers to tag friends in their posts, or my favorite, posting a riddle. For the riddle posts, the first person to come into the shop with the correct answer would receive the cupcake.

For many people, it was a fun game. As a result, the business flourished. Turning to social media was a genius tactic for promoting their business and building up customers. There were times when my siblings and I would run over to the store just to find out the riddle was solved. But since we were there, we decided we might as well buy a cupcake!

By using different social media channels, this store went from almost-bankrupt to becoming the talk of the town. Everyone I knew would check their Facebook throughout the day for daily deals and riddles. This store didn’t pay for advertising (besides the free cupcakes) and our town loved this new cupcake store. It was a win-win!

Social media is a great way to promote yourself, if done properly. Channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram give businesses a way to communicate with customers on a more personal basis while serving as a reminder about the business.

Every time I pass a movie theater, I notice there are more movie sequels coming out and less original movies. For example:

-Captain America: Civil War, the third movie in the Captain America series

-X-Men: Apocalypse, the fourth or fifth X-Men movie produced, with more on the way

-Jurassic World, built off of the Jurassic Park series

-Fast and Furious 7, as if the first six weren’t enough?

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love watching a good sequel. But why is it that movie producers are continuing to build off of sequels? Is the movie industry afraid to branch out and produce new storylines, which could flop? Maybe directors see the success in the box office, and think the best course of action is to expound on this storyline.

If this is the case, building off of an existing storyline can work…for a while. Some sequels are good, few are arguably better than the first. But there comes a point when even the audience can tell the story is dragged out. We begin to lost interest in a once-beloved movie.

Please, don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of sequels that are great to watch over and over. It just seems that our society is stuck in a circle, bouncing from one movie to another, and then back again for another sequel. Granted, producers understand what we like and what we’re willing to spend money watching. But there comes a time when the fantasy needs to be put to rest, making way for a new adventure.


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