Media Observations-Cupcakes and Sequels

Media, specifically Social Media, is a great way to promote a business or product.

When I was a teenager, there was this cupcake shop down the road that just opened. They weren’t doing so well the first couple months they opened, so they started advertising their business through daily deals. Each afternoon, they would post a something on their Facebook page, and if you followed their directions, you would get a free cupcake. Sometimes the task was to tag friends in the post, other times it was a riddle, and the first person to come into the shop with the answer received the cupcake. This was a genius way of promoting their business and gaining customers; there were many times we would run into the store to find out the riddle was solved, but since we were there, we might as well buy a cupcake! By using social media, this almost bankrupt store quickly became popular. People were talking about it to friends and constantly checking their Facebook for the daily deal. This store didn’t have to pay for advertising (besides the free cupcakes they gave away) and our town found out about a new cupcake store. It was a win-win! Social media is a great way to promote yourself, if you know how to do it. It gives your business a way to communicate with customers, a way to advertise, and a way for consumers to become familiar to the logo. If there are any problems or negative feedback, social media is a way to communicate and smooth it over.

There seems to be more movie sequels coming out and less and less original movies. For example: Captain America- Civil War, which is the third movie in the Captain America sequence, X-Men: Apocalypse, which is the fourth or fifth X-Men movie produced. Jurassic World, which was built off of the Jurassic Park series. Fast and Furious 7; as if the first six weren’t enough? So why are the movie companies continuing with this sequel trend?  Is the industry too afraid to branch out to new storylines in case they flop? Maybe they see the success of a movie and think the only thing to do is expound on it. Which can work for a while; I know that some sequels are pretty good. But there comes a point where the audience can tell the story is being dragged out, and we begin to lose interest in a once beloved movie fantasy. Shrek 4? It didn’t do so well since the audience was tired of the first three. Open Season 3? Wasn’t going well from the start; they barely advertised, as if they knew that they were going to lose money. But don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of sequels that are great. It just seems like our society is stuck in a circle, bouncing from one movie to another then back again for round two with the same characters and slightly changed storyline. This is a good example of how the media is a mirror of society; showing us the same movies again and again because we know what we like and what we want to spend money watching.


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