Media Observations- Facebook and Movie Violence

Facebook has come out with the ability to post live videos onto your feed last summer, which continues to gain attention. With Facebook Live, people are able to post live videos while answering any questions or comments that pop up on their video. This allows those who watch to see their reactions and connect with those whose video is streaming. Another ability is to share these live videos within a group, which eliminates the need for Skype. Another one of Facebook’s features is the Messenger, which allows you to message (text) others instantly. Or their feature ‘Events’, which allows you to organize gatherings, send notifications, or set reminders. Gone is the need to text or even have a calendar, the paper or mobile kind! So why is Facebook coming out with all of these new features? Well, think of it this way; why have multiple apps with different functions when you can have one app that performs all of the same functions? The more time you spend on Facebook, the more popularity the company gets, and the more it expands, which gives it more popularity, allowing it to continue to expand, increasing the cycle. Facebook will continue to expand with every new feature it releases, until it rules the world.

Ever notice the amount of violence in movies, even cute animated ones for children? When we were kids, watching every Disney movie that came out, my dad liked to play a game. We would try to guess which, if any, Disney movie didn’t have violence, then watch it to see if we were right. We never won; every movie had at least one punch, stab, slap, death, or a full on brawl.

So why the violence? These movies were G to PG, and targeted to little kids! According to, children’s movies contain 2.5 times more violence than movies targeted for adults. Researchers watched 45 of the top grossing children cartoons, starting with Snow White and ending with Frozen. They also discovered that the parents of the main character(s) were 5 times more likely to die when compared to scary movies targeted for adults. All of this violence, and yet Disney continues the trend. In The Little Mermaid, Ursula is stabbed in the middle by a ship and electrocuted. In Mulan, Mulan buries the entire enemy army in a snow avalanche. And perhaps the worst, in The Lion King, Mufasa is pushed off of a cliff and trampled by a herd of wilder beasts. This raises some questions; why is Disney continuing this trend? Will their use of violence get worse as we become desensitized? Only time will tell.


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