Media Observations- Facebook and Movie Violence

Last summer, Facebook came out with the new function of posting live videos. While this isn’t new news, live videos are still gaining traction among the Facebook community.  One of the key benefits of Facebook Live is how users are able to post live videos while answering questions or comments that pop up below in the comment’s section. This allows those watching the live videos to get a quick response, to watch their reactions and to establish more of a connection.

Another ability provided is the option to share live videos within a group, which eliminates the need for Skype. Why have multiple apps downloaded when everything you’re looking for is found on one app? It’s a smart move on Facebook’s part- they’re becoming more valuable.

Other additions include Messenger, which allows you to direct message a friend or business, or Events, a calendar that organizes your gatherings, sets reminders, and pops up with new notifications. Gone is the need to rely solely on other apps for texting or writing down reminders on a calendar.

The more time users spend on Facebook, the more popular the company becomes, the more it expands, which allows it to develop new features to it may become more popular, allowing it to expand further, and so on. I’m willing to bet that in 10 years, Facebook will have many different apps incorporated into it, making it incredible valuable to any user.

Have you ever taken a step back and noticed the amount of violence in movies? Even the cute, animated movies produced for children? When we were kids, my Dad would play a game each time we wanted to watch a Disney movie. Together, we would try and guess which Disney movie didn’t have any violence, then watch to see who was right. No one was ever right and no one ever won; every movie had at least one punch, slap, stab or full on brawl.

(Not to pick on just Disney, this game also applied with DreamWorks and Pixar. Same results, though; there was always some form of violence)

So why is there all this added violence? These movies are rated G and PG and are specifically targeted to kids aged below 10! According to, children’s movies contain 2.5 times more violence than movies targeted for adults. Maybe this is because adult movies turn to drama to drive the plot instead of violence?

Researchers watched 45 of the top grossing children cartoons, starting with Snow White and ending with Frozen. Researchers discovered that the main character(s) parents were 5 times more likely to die when compared to horror movies targeted for adults. Ouch.

Even with this violent past, Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks all continue in this trend. In The Little Mermaid, Ursula the Sea Witch is stabbed in her stomach then electrocuted. In Mulan, Mulan buries the enemy’s army in snow avalanche she created. And arguably the worst, in The Lion King, Mufasa is pushed off a cliff by his brother and trampled to death by a herd of wild beasts. Talk about traumatizing.

This raises a lot of questions and I’m not the only one asking. There are many Disney blogs wondering the same thing: why is Disney continuing this trend? Will their use of violence become worse as society becomes desensitized?



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