Media Observations- Snapchat and Connection

Snapchat is starting to step up their game. It started as an app which let you take pictures and sent them to friends. Those who received the image can only see the image for 4 to 10 seconds, depending on how you program the app. After a huge success when it first came out, Snapchat has slowly been dying out. So to revive interest for using the app, Snapchat has created filters and special effects to entertain users. These filters mimic camera filters by brightening or darkening a picture. These too were popular, but again, the use of the app started to dwindle. But now, Snapchat has released what they call ‘geofilters’, a filter which appears as a drawing at the bottom of the screen showing where the person who took the image is currently. This new feature is a huge hit. I know that anytime I use the app, there will be pictures of my friends traveling with geofilters at the bottom announcing where they are at. But just in case you don’t travel or want to use geofilters, Snapchat has fun filters. Each one is different, but the process is the same. All you need to do is hold the camera up to your face, let it analyze your facial features, and choose what filter to apply. Some will transform you into an animal, others will draw designs on your face. Others will advertise movies. With the Batman vs Superman filter, you could choose to be Batman standing in a whirlwind or Superman with his laser beam eyes. With new filters constantly coming out, it ensures that users will want to use the app again and again.

One big plus about the media is how it enables me to communicate with my family. Having this luxury of the media at my disposal is such a blessing. Without the media, the only means of communication with my family would be letters sent through the mail. Granted, my home is a 14 hour car ride away, and other students live much farther from home. But even with that much distance, letters sent would take a couple of days to receive, then the responding letter would be a couple days more. When information arrived, it would no longer be current.

But because we live in an age where technology and the media lets us communicate almost instantly, we no longer have to worry about outdated information or missing big events. With my computer, I am able to Skype my family for important events, such as birthdays and holidays. I can see and communicate with them in real time. With social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, I can see and comment on their updates. It doesn’t matter if their posts are small paragraphs about their day or pictures of their latest adventure. And with email, I can talk with my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. This is my preferred form of communication with my extended family because we all have different schedules and can answer on our own time. With great technology and media, my family and I are able to be together, even though we are separated by almost 1,000 miles.


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