Media Observations -Television and Knowledge

Why is television so relaxing? Sitting down to watch and unwind has become a part of our daily routine. Everyone goes to work or school during the day, then come home in the evening to sit in front of the television for an hour or so. Television producers know this routine, and schedule the more popular shows around 5 o’ clock; right when parents get home and the family can settle down, eating their dinner, in front of the screen.

This daily television routine hasn’t developed recently; it’s been around for over 65 years! According to, in the 1950’s Bernstein’s Frozen Dinners and Swanson both came out with television dinners. They knew how important television was to the average American family, and created a way to profit from it. No more missing a show due to cooking or dishes.

So 65 years later, we still care very much about our television shows, if not more. Now we have the ability to pause the show, rewind to our favorite parts, or record the show to watch later, decreasing the need for a quick frozen dinner. The main reason we have incorporated television into our daily lives since the television first came out is because how nice and relaxing it is. Watching our screen doesn’t require any effort from us; we don’t need to do anything but sit there and listen. We don’t even need to think! And because we don’t need to think while watching is the reason so many people watch hours of it. After a long day at school or work, watching television is a nice way of giving our brains a break.

We possess something that can access any information we desire and can answer any question we have, yet everyone uses this device to look up cat pictures and send small pieces of conversation to our friends. What is this magical device? Our cell phones. Why is it that we choose to entertain ourselves with silly pictures and social media instead of seeking information and becoming smarter? With this technology we can find information on any topic, increase our knowledge and capabilities, yet we would rather spend our time and data playing games and, again, looking at silly pictures.

This post is an elaboration of last week’s post about cell phones and why we use them to escape reality. But it also ties in with my previous post about television. Our society wants to find fun ways to spend time that doesn’t involve us exerting any energy. By watching television or playing on our phones, we are engaging in mindless activities. I’ve noticed that instead of reading an article my cousin forwarded or researching career options (like I should, since I’m in college), I’m more drawn to the internet’s relaxing escape it provides. But not anymore! Making ourselves better and stronger is just our cell phone away, with the right apps and resources.


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