Media Observations- Virtual Reality and Books

Video games seem to be on a decline, is there any way to revive the excitement for them? As a matter of fact, yes! With the development of virtual reality goggles, we can play as characters in video games. But the amazing features of the virtual reality goggles doesn’t stop there. People who put them on are quickly transported into different realities to explore and conquer. This amazing feat of technology seems to be the pinnacle of today, but should cause some concerns. Is society going to lose the ability to communicate with others? With each of us wrapped up in our own digital fantasies, which will undoubtedly happen as virtual reality goggles become more accessible, there would be no reason to return to reality with its trials and hardships. Video games have struck some of these alarms with antisocial patterns and addiction, but virtual reality would transport us one step further. Granted, this new technology isn’t bad in nature, but can become bad if used in excessive amounts. So what should society do; embrace this technology or try to limit it? In my opinion, both. This exciting new technology gives us more creativity and more entertainment, but like any good thing, it should be used in moderation. It would be fun to be transported to different worlds and to see our fantasies come alive, but at the end of the day, we all need to come back to reality.

As a kid, I was so proud to have a bookshelf filled with books. As I grew up, I switched my Dr. Suess for JK Rowling, still keeping a bookshelf filled with hours of adventures. Now, I still have a bookshelf at home, which isn’t as full, but I’m still proud of it. Many of my friends don’t read for entertainment, and the few that do rely heavily on kindles or their phones, mostly to look up the summaries. Why is society turning digital, and why are we reading less? It’s not because we lack the time; with teenagers, they know how to maximize their time with instant technology, finding more time to be on the Medias. But maybe that’s the reason. Reading books takes time, and isn’t something that can be done instantaneously. This could be linked to our society’s lack of patience. We’ve become so used to this ideal of instant gratification that no one has the patience to sit down and invest time into a book they may or may not like. It’s gotten to the point where when teachers assign books to read for class, many of my classmates either look up the Spark notes summary or clips of the movie! It seems like libraries, book stores, and books in general may quickly become things of the past.


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