Freeze and Blur

Sugar and Strawberry: 04-29-17, 7:40 pm, Rexburg: FL: 50 mm; f/2.0; 1/2000; Canon T3

In order to capture the individual sugar granules as they fell onto the strawberry, I had to use the fast shutter speed of 1/2000. With the shutter speed being so fast, it didn’t let a lot of light into the image. To compensate for this, I had two light sources, one on the left and one on the right of the subject, to make sure everything was well lit.
Grape and Water: 04-29-17, 8:07 pm, Rexburg: FL: 50 mm; f/2.0; 1/2000; Canon T3

The process in taking this photograph is similar to the process of taking the picture of the strawberry and falling sugar. The shutter speed and light sources were the same, making the project a lot simpler. The trick with an object falling into water was that the set needed to be cleaned up every time. Once a grape was dropped, before we could do it again, we needed to get the water droplets cleaned off the backdrop, camera lens, and rim of the glass.

Falling Candy: 04-29-17, 8:21 pm, Rexburg: FL: 50 mm; f/2.0; 1/2000; Canon T3

With this image, I originally wanted to have it with a slower shutter speed. This way, there would be trails of color across the image. But after a few tries, I wasn’t happy with the results, and decided that a faster shutter speed was needed to create the appearance of candy in mid-air.


Girl on Swing: 04-29-17, 7:06 pm, Rexburg: FL: 55 mm; f/16; 1/40; Canon T3

For this image, the shutter speed was much slower in order to catch motion blur. To create the motion blur while keeping the subject in focus, I had to pan the camera while she was swinging. Since the shutter speed was so slow, it made it more difficult to make sure the subject was in focus while panning.

Girl with Umbrella: 04-29-17, 6:49 pm, Rexburg: FL: 55 mm; f/5; 1/40; Canon T3

As for the last image, the shutter speed was also slow, in order to capture the motion of the twirling umbrella.To capture this effect, I had the subject stay still while she twirled the umbrella around. Since the shutter speed wasn’t slower than 1/25, I was able to hold the camera while taking this image instead of relying on a tripod.


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