Business Card

Description- Veterinarian business card

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills)- Most of this project was created in Adobe Illustrator, with the dog silhouette created in Adobe Photoshop. The first step was to use the rectangle tool to create the two business cards at 3.5 inches by 2. For the first side of the Business card, I used the shape tool to create a diagonal line. One I found the right size, I duplicated the shape and created this pattern. Then I used the circle tool to make a white circle, then a turquoise circle on top. The image of the dog was exported from Photoshop and centered on top. As for the second side of the card, I duplicated the two circles from the first half, then entered in the client’s contact information (information has been changed)  and a paw print at the bottom.

Message- This business card was created to give information to those looking for a veterinarian. The colors make the message more appealing to look at.

Audience- Young to Middle Aged adults looking for veterinarian service.

Color scheme- Grey, Raspberry, and Mint

Font Name & Category- Oswald- Sans Serif


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