1. Individual Side Composition:

For this assignment, the subject had to be on the side of the frame, at least 20 ft away from objects in the background, with the image set at a low aperture. After taking a variety of photographs with the subject in different poses, I opted to showcase this image.

2. Individual Head & Shoulders:

In these portraits, I photographed the subject’s head and shoulders. I liked having my subject against the gold door; it worked well with her blond hair tan skin. As for camera settings, the aperture was set to 1.8 to create a bokeh effect even though the subject was close to the door in the background.

3. Individual Full Body:

This image was taken in front of the same background as the previous two images. Since this part of the assignment was to capture the subject’s full body, more of her outfit and the background is visible.

4. Group Candid:

For the Group Candid image, my subjects were students from another class. We got together to discuss a class project and eat churros as motivation. This candid moment is as we were talking and waiting for the rest of our group to join.

5. Group Posed:

For the Group posed image, I used the same people as from the Candid image. We decided to make this fun by staging the image to look like an awkward date.

6. Individual Environmental:

In these Environmental images, I decided to photograph my roommate as she was in the Pottery lab throwing a bowl. The lighting inside the studio was surprisingly well and the background helps to show the viewers what occurs in the lab.

7. Portrait Enhancement Edits:

For this portrait, I used Photoshop to enhance the subject. I started with using the Patch tool to remove minor blemishes, then a light sweep of Airbrush to even out the skin tone. Last thing I did was brighten and sharpen her eyes.

In this image, I also used Photoshop to enhance. Similar to the previous image, I started with the Patch tool to remove minor blemishes. I didn’t use Airbrush on this image, instead opting to brighten the face and eyes.

8. Color Replacement:

The assignment for this image was to select an article of clothing and change the color with the Replace Color Brush. After a few tries, I found that working with darker colors yields the best results. The hardest part of replacing color was working around the finer details, such as the subject’s hair.


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